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The Leather & Care

The Leather

Caught by Eef handbags are made from the highest quality leathers and game hides that we source and manufacture in Southern Africa. Each hide is hand chosen and lovingly crafted into a beautiful purse that is as unique as you are. The workmanship and care that goes into each bag is coupled with the highest quality hides, leather and fittings.

All hides are obtained throught Government approved animal herd reduction programs.

Springbok are medium-sized antelope that live in south and southwestern Africa. Their coloring consists of three colors, white, reddish/tan and dark brown. Their backs are tan colored and they are white beneath, with a dark brown stripe extending along each side from the shoulder to inside the thigh. Springbok inhabit dry inland areas including grasslands, shrublands and deserts. They are prevalent in game parks and commonly are raised on game farms.

How to take care of your handbag

Caught by Eef purses and bags utilize the highest quality game hides and are made with expert craftsmanship for enduring beauty and durability. However, as with any natural product, proper care must be taken to ensure the longevity of these lovely pieces. Slight leather ‘imperfections’ and color variations are natural and normal and serve to enhance the uniqueness and beauty of your Caught by Eef handbag. Leather may scuff if treated harshly, mark if wet and fade with overexposure to sunlight.

Many of our handbags have hair on hide which also requires care. Use a soft cloth dampened with water only to gently wipe fur if it becomes soiled. Avoid excessive exposure to sunlight, water, etc.

As with any fur product, a certain amount of hair loss is to be expected. This can be minimized greatly by avoiding carrying your Caught by Eef handbag with the fur side close to the body and having it rub against you. Many of our handbags have leather on one side for this reason.

We use many different hides and leathers in various colors and shades in our products. For most of these, you may use a leather conditioner of your choice, following the directions on the label. Always first try it in an inconspicuous place to ensure it does not discolor the leather. For our Ice White leathers, most marks can be wiped off with a damp soft cloth. Over time, if some scuffing occurs, we have found a good quality white shoe polish (again, applied according to directions) really makes the leather look brand new!

Some of our leathers have an almost waxy feel. This leather can mark and scuff which is natural. The marks and scuffing give the leather a textured and unique look, making your Caught by Eef even more singular! But if you want to remove the marks, the easiest way is literally rubbing the marks with your fingers. Your body oils do the best job of eliminating these marks. Try this with a handbag and you will see what we mean.

Color tone changes are common with the use of your product due to external light and the natural oils found in your skin.

When choosing a cleaning product, test on a hidden area of the leather first, in order to anticipate potential undesirable effects..