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STORIES of Caught by Eef

The Caught by Eef collection consists of various lines. Every line of bags is named after an iconic person. A person who, by being themselves and just doing, achieved great things in life and were successful.

The brown leather bags with black and white details are named after Maya Plisetskaya.   The black springbok collection is named after Jackie Onassis.   The natural brown leather collection is named after Lena Horna. The natural springbok collection is named after Audrey Hepburn.   The ocean blue collection is named after Grace Kelly.

The story of Audrey

"The best thing to hold onto in life is each other"

Audrey Hepburn was an actress, who is still an icon because of her talent and her enchanting inner and outer beauty.

Audrey lived in Arnhem during the Second World War, where she suffered hardships and danced as a ballerina to collect money for the resistance. She was a passionate lifetime ambassador for the UN and dedicated herself to helping children in the poorest regions in the world.

Audrey was chosen as the woman with the greatest natural beauty ever after her passing.

In the Audrey collection by Caught By Eef, her beauty and devotion are visible.

Story of Grace

"I avoid looking back. I prefer good memories to regrets"

Grace Kelly was a world-famous actress and is seen as one of the most legendary women in history because of her talent, strong character, and her breathtaking beauty.

Grace has obtained an Oscar for best actress and was loved and admired by the princess of Monaco. The world was shocked by her premature death, caused by a car accident.

The Grace collection expresses her passion for water and the beautiful color of her eyes.

Story of Maya

"The only weapon I had was my dancing, with what I fought like a general without an army"

Maya Plisetskaya was the 'prima ballerina' of the Bolshoi Ballet in Moscow. She became world-famous after inimitably playing the double-role of Odette and Odille in Swan Lake.

Maya Plisetskaya has won numerous awards during her long career. She is the legend that personally brought ballet to a higher level.

In the Maya collection by Caught by Eef, her perseverance and passion for perfection shine through.

Story of Jackie

"I am a woman above everything else."

Jackie Kennedy was extremely popular as the First Lady of the United States. She was the woman next to –not behind- John F. Kennedy and played a huge role in his campaign and popularity.

Jackie's charm, elegance and fighting spirit made her the iconic role model of a whole generation of women, wanting to free themselves from the oppressing 1950's. This, combined with her tragic history, lead to her mythical person.

In the Jackie collection by Caught by Eef, her strength and elegance are expressed.

Story of Lena

"It's not the load that breaks you down, it's the way you carry it."

Lena Horne was a very talented Afro-American singer, dancer and actress. She made her debut in the legendary New York Cotton Club and starred in numerous movies, musicals and television-shows. Beside that, Lena was a civil rights activist, who fought for equality in the African-American Civil Rights Movement and worked together with Martin Luther King.

Lena Horne is honored in the Georgia Music Hall of Fame and was presented with the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.

The Lena collection of Caught by Eef expresses her passion and talent.