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Story of Audrey
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Camel Leather Handbag | Audrey's Shiny Day Springbok

Shiny Day is an elegant springbok leather handbag. With its beautiful leather, this bag is appropriate for a festive night out and matches perfectly with everyday life. Size: L 32 x H 19 x W 6.


Audrey's Happy 24/7 Springbok

Happy 24/7 is a spacious elegant Springbok leather city bag. This lovely bag offers plenty of space and is suitable for a night out and for everyday life. Size in cm: L 43 x H 26 x W 16.


Camel Leather Shoulder bag | Audrey's Cowgirl Springbok

Cowgirl is an elegant springbok leather shoulder bag. Audrey's Cowgirl Shoulder bag suits all the challenges a modern woman could encounter. Size: L 34 x H 30 x W 12