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Blue Leather Handbag | Grace's Ocean Splash Blue & Gray

Ocean Splash is an elegant blue leather handbag. With its beautiful leather, this bag is appropriate for a festive night out and matches perfectly with everyday life. Size: L 32 x H 19 x W 6

Caught by Eef Grace's Ocean Mini
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Grace's Ocean Mini

Grace's Ocean Mini is an elegant blue leather small handbag. This practical bag suits all the challenges a modern woman could encounter. Size in cm: L 26 x H 12 x W 2

Caught by Eef Grace's Fabulous XL
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Grace's Fabulous XL

Leather Shopper Fabulous XL is an elegant blue leather shopper with a fortified floor. The beautiful leather makes the big Fabulous XL suitable for everyday life. Size: L 50 x H 34 x W 16.


Blue Leather Shopper | Grace's Ocean Wave

The elegant Ocean Wave is a blue grey leather handbag. This practical and flexible bag suits all the challenges a modern woman could encounter. Size in cm: L 30 x H 38 x W 15.


Blue Leather Case | Grace's Make-up & Pencil Bag

Make-up or Pencil bag is a contemporary blue leather case. The case is an essential accessory for the modern woman: for pencils as well as essential toiletries.Size: L 18 x H 8,5 x W 7,5


Grace's Cards & Coins

For bankcards and loose change. This blue leather mini wallet closes with a top and features a ring, which can be attached to your Caught by Eef bag or Key Ring. Size in cm.: L 14 x H 8 x W 1.


Grace's Key Ring Ocean

Blue leather key ring GraceŠ—ç’_Îés Key Ring is an essential accessory to any bunch of keys. GraceŠ—ç’_Îés Key Ring completes your Caught by Eef bag!Size in cm.: L12,5 x W 1,5 x H 1,5.