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Blue Leather Handbag | Grace's Ocean Splash Blue & Gray

Ocean Splash is an elegant blue leather handbag. With its beautiful leather, this bag is appropriate for a festive night out and matches perfectly with everyday life. Size: L 32 x H 19 x W 6

Caught by Eef Grace's Ocean Mini
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Grace's Ocean Mini

Grace's Ocean Mini is an elegant blue leather small handbag. This practical bag suits all the challenges a modern woman could encounter. Size in cm: L 26 x H 12 x W 2

Caught by Eef Grace's Fabulous XL
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Grace's Fabulous XL

Leather Shopper Fabulous XL is an elegant blue leather shopper with a fortified floor. The beautiful leather makes the big Fabulous XL suitable for everyday life. Size: L 50 x H 34 x W 16.


Blue Leather Shopper | Grace's Ocean Wave

The elegant Ocean Wave is a blue grey leather handbag. This practical and flexible bag suits all the challenges a modern woman could encounter. Size in cm: L 30 x H 38 x W 15.


Blue Leather Case | Grace's Make-up & Pencil Bag

Make-up or Pencil bag is a contemporary blue leather case. The case is an essential accessory for the modern woman: for pencils as well as essential toiletries. Size: L 18 x H 8,5 x W 7,5


Grace's Cards & Coins

For bankcards and loose change. This blue leather mini wallet closes with a top and features a ring, which can be attached to your Caught by Eef bag or Key Ring. Size in cm.: L 14 x H 8 x W 1.


Grace's Key Ring Ocean

Blue leather key ring Grace’s Key Ring is an essential accessory to any bunch of keys. Grace’s Key Ring completes your Caught by Eef bag! Size in cm.: L12,5 x W 1,5 x H 1,5.